Mandela said he was ready to die for his people to achieve "equal opportunity". Mandela has stopped being an African hero after his release from prison, by forgetting the principle of "equality of opportunity" for which he was one prepared to die. He orchestrated a circus called Forgiveness and Reconciliation. Why has the U.S., which egged on this stupidity but still hasn’t made peace with Russia? Why have they still not reconciled with Cuba? Why does Israel continue to hunt German criminals involved in the Holocaust to their deaths all over the planet? Are they crazy to continue their hunt more than 60 years after the end of World War II ? Why did all European countries applaud Mandela for this reconciliation but do not release all the murderers they have in their prisons to lead a good initiative by apologizing to the families of the victims, clearing all their crimes and becoming "brothers and sisters" the next day?
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