Before the Congress here is what Ben Blanchard, Sui-Lee Wee wrote in the Reuters dispatch of November 8, 2012, to express the expectations: "Reduce the privileges enjoyed by state-owned enterprises, facilitate the establishment in the cities of rural migrants, impose a tax regime, (...) contain the power of a state that risks stifling growth and fueling discontent. In other words, China must stop being communist to become capitalist like the United States, where the State is not involved in anything. After the speech of the new secretary general, Xi Jinping, it is the euphoria of the AFP which writes on 15/11/2012: "Xi Jinping succeeds Hu Jintao - A speech that breaks with tradition" "Breaking with tradition, Xi Jinping made no reference to his predecessors or to the current clichés, which seemed to delight some of the Chinese Internet users, who are always on the lookout: "It's been a long time since we expected such direct statements and not a rigid and compassed official speech," reacted one of them. "Such sincere language is heartwarming. We are expecting the Party and the government to also act in such a sincere manner," said another. Why are Reuters and AFP so excited about China's new president Xi Jinping?
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